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Experiment Bundle

For one special bundle price, you get:

1 x Coldcard Mk3
1 x Industrial MicroSD
1 x 3-Pack (v4)

Basic Bundle

For one special bundle price, you get:

1 x Coldcard Mk3
2 x Industrial MicroSD

Backup Bundle

For one special bundle price, you get:

2 x Coldcard Mk3
2 x Industrial MicroSD
1 x Power-Only USB Cable
1 x SEEDPLATE Backup

Office Bundle

For one special bundle price, you get:

3 x Coldcard Mk3
6 x Industrial MicroSD
1 x Sticker Collection

Coldcard™ Mk3

New Coldcard Mk3 with upgraded secure element, 2.5x more RAM for more complex transactions, additional side-channel defenses, and much more! Learn more here.

IN-STOCK – limited quantities
Opendime 3-Pack

NEW v4! Fourth generation of the Opendime: a small USB stick that allows you to spend Bitcoin like a dollar bill. Pass it along multiple times. Connect to any USB to check balance. Unseal anytime. Trust no one.

Coldpower Adapter

Power your Coldcard and other low power USB devices from a standard 9-volt battery without any USB data concerns. Makes a great gift for the cypherpunk in your life. Learn more here.
Adaptor only. Cable and battery not included. 5volts, 500mA max current.

Power-Only USB Cable

Magnetic Power-Only Cable with 3x MicroUSB Adapters.
Power your Coldcard, with confidence that the data lines are not connected! Leave the MicroUSB adapter (3 included) attached, and then easily magnetically snap it into place as needed (a "port saver").

Industrial MicroSD

Industrial Grade MicroSD for secure Coldcard backups.
True SLC design w/ wear-leveling & block mgmt. Environmental tested (bend / torque / salt spray / solar radiation) and harsh temperatures: -40°C to +85°C.
Picture for illustration only.


Single 24 word plate, 12 words per side! Quality, 2mm thick steel, cut and etched in Canada. Etched text marks chemically colored in black for better legibility. This design was kept small in size—only 5x3"—for better storage and concealment. Learn more.

Center Punch

We recommend using this Automatic Center Punch for marking the SEEDPLATE. Just press and it will automatically snap to mark. Made out of High Speed Steel.

Soon! We're working through supplier problems at the moment.

Opendime Capsule

Water resistant metal capsule to hold your Opendimes! Big enough for a bunch of Opendimes (any generation) or a single 2.75" 12-gauge round. Colour: space grey. Includes two replacement rubber gaskets.
Opendimes sold separately.

IN-STOCK – limited quantities

An electro-mechanical clock and price ticker designed for Bitcoin. Track prices from different exchanges, follow Electrum servers on your favourite chain. Learn more here.

Includes: 2x wireless remotes, 1x Coldcard, 3x Opendimes, Stickers and Free Shipping.

BLOCKCLOCK mini (Reservation)

Our second Bitcoin art piece with 7 EInk digits. Track prices from exchanges, see blocks as they are published by miners and connect Opendimes to display balance, fiat value, and deposit QR. Size 30×10 cm.

Reserve your Early Bird batch unit, and save your place in line, by pre-paying a part of the total expected $349.
Requires Wifi & USB/AC adapter. All aspects of the product are still subject to change

Honey Badger Patch

Velcro Vinyl Patch: Coinkite Honey Badger (2 x 3 inches)
Hat not included

Sticker Collection

All the stickers!