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Single 24 word plate, 12 words per side! Quality, thick steel, cut and etched in Canada. Etched text marks chemically colored in black for better legibility. This design was kept small in size, for better storage and concealment. Learn more.

Center Punch sold separately. Design may vary depending on batch.

Center Punch

We recommend using this Automatic Center Punch for marking the SEEDPLATE. Just press and it will automatically snap to mark. Made out of High Speed Steel.


Water resistant metal capsule to hold your Opendimes! Big enough for a bunch of Opendimes (any generation) or a single 2.75" 12-gauge round. Colour: space grey.

OPENDIME™ sold separately.

Dice Set

Save time rolling dice with a bag of 100 cute and tiny little dice. Generates 256 bits of entropy in a single shake! Watch the video here. 100 quantity, 5mm, black/white D6 dice.

COLDCARD and SEEDPLATE sold separately.

Security Bag Kit

3 x Opaque, Tamper-Evident bags
4 x Recovery Cards
2 x ESD bags

Bag internal size is 10.5x6in


Power your Coldcard and other low power USB devices from a standard 9-volt battery without any USB data concerns. Makes a great gift for the cypherpunk in your life. Learn more here.

Adaptor only. Cable and battery not included. 5volts at 500mA max current.